The story of VVT will teach you how to create a accessible workplace and how to Hire & Retain Productive People with Disability. Below is a excerpt from the book.

In a slow economy, they say that jobseekers are a dime a dozen. But finding candidates who are technically and socially skilled, who work well in teams, who are loyal and won't job-hop, who show up on time, who produce quality product, and who can withstand the stress of a fast-paced competitive work environmen...that's the real challenge for corporate HR staff. If you're in Personnel and reading this, you're probably thinking, "In your dreams, pal. In a slow economy, the piles of resume graffiti on our desks grow higher by the day, stacks we wade through in the hunt for a good applicant." So here's a secret: in the past two years alone, we've watched major corporations attract, hire, train, and retain top performers-people who happen to have a disability....

Our Mission

Our mission is to help disability hiring become a valuable part of HR standards and practices. Our short-term goal is to educate, educate, educate-to teach you what is involved in this process and demonstrate how you can partner with outside resources to make it happen. So we are revealing our own secrets, because it is so important that people with disability be allowed to enter and contribute in the American workplace... Order your free copy of the book 'Creating the Accessible Workplace' by filling out the form below.
The Story of VVT Book